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  • Server Power Supply Standard: CRPS and Kunpeng (HP standard)

    China’s server shipments of X86 accounted for 86% in 2019, CRPS power supplies accounted for about 72%. In the next five years, Intel CRPS standard server power supply will remain the mainstream of IT server power supply, accounting for about 70% of the market share. CRPS server power suppl...
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  • Huawei Data Center Energy Wins Four More European Awards(2)

    Huawei Power Module 3.0 realizes one train and one way of power supply through the deep integration of the whole chain and optimization of key nodes, turning 22 cabinets into 11 cabinets and saving 40% of floor space. Adopting the intelligent online mode, the efficiency of the entire chain can re...
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  • Huawei Data Center Energy Wins Four More European Awards(1)

    [London, UK, May 25, 2023] The DCS AWARDS Awards Dinner, an international event for the data center industry, was recently held in London, UK. Wholesale ICT Power Module Suppliers Huawei Data Center Energy won four awards, including “Data Center Facility Supplier of the Year,” “...
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  • New trend of modular power supply of Huawei Digital Energy

    Qin Zhen, Vice President of Huawei’s digital energy product line and President of the modular power supply field, pointed out that the new trend of modular power supply will be mainly reflected in the “digitalization”, “miniaturization”, “chip”, “hi...
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  • HUAWEI Power Module 3.0 Overseas Edition launch in Monaco

    [Monaco, April 25, 2023] During the DataCloud Global Conference, nearly 200 data center industry leaders, technical experts, and ecological partners from around the world gathered in Monaco to attend the Global Data Center Infrastructure Summit with the theme of “Smart and Simple DC, Greeni...
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  • Empower Your Business with Skymatch’s Custom ICT Solutions

    Empower Your Business with Skymatch’s Custom ICT Solutions

    SKM is a leading ICT technology provider, focusing on providing one-stop product solutions and services for three different customer groups. The company aims to provide customers with advanced chip technology, innovative topology, thermal design, packaging technology and...
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