Empower Your Business with Skymatch’s Custom ICT Solutions

SKM is a leading ICT technology provider, focusing on providing one-stop product solutions and services for three different customer groups. The company aims to provide customers with advanced chip technology, innovative topology, thermal design, packaging technology and new material power devices.

SKM also specializes in embedded power solutions such as AC-DC, DC-DC, DC-DC (chip power supply), HVDC (high voltage direct current), power correction (PFC), wired and wireless charging modules. The company targets development partners across industries including device manufacturers, integrators, digital manufacturing and automotive companies.

SKM aims to serve pan-CT (pan-Communication technology), pan-IT (pan-information technology), pan-industry, consumer electronics and other service industries. The company provides fast charging source modules, built-in modules, integrated power supplies, and mold development solutions for consumer electronics manufacturers. SKM is oriented to operator customers and provides comprehensive technical solutions for government and enterprise customers.

SKM's core focus is to provide its customers with advanced technical solutions that meet their specific requirements. Through a range of services and products, SKM aims to enhance the customer experience while providing them with customized solutions. With innovative technologies and solutions, SKM continuously strives to positively impact people's lives.

SKM's embedded power solutions can significantly reduce power consumption and environmental pollution. The company is also committed to developing energy-saving and environmentally friendly technological solutions. SKM offers a wide range of services and products to meet the needs of different industries and customer groups, aiming to revolutionize the technology industry through its innovative solutions.

The company aims to expand its reach and help customers in various industries achieve their goals through technology solutions custom designed for their specific requirements. With a focus on innovation and technology, SKM is poised to become a leader in the industry and a partner of many companies around the world. The company is constantly working on developing newer and better technical solutions, while also focusing on creating value for customers.

Post time: Apr-19-2023