Huawei Data Center Energy wins double European awards, once again recognized by industry authorities

Recently, the 2024 DCS AWARDS awards ceremony, an international event for the data center industry, was successfully held in London, UK. Huawei Data Center Energy won two authoritative awards, “Best Data Center Facility Supplier of the Year” and “Best Data Center Power Supply and Distribution Innovation Award of the Year”, with its full range of innovative products, global service network, and full-chain ecological cooperation capabilities.

数据中心行业国际盛会2024 DCS AWARDS颁奖晚宴

DCS AWARDS is a highly authoritative award in the data center industry, attracting nearly 200 companies to compete for nominations every year. This year, a total of 35 awards were issued to recognize innovative products, cutting-edge technologies, sustainable projects, and outstanding equipment suppliers and individuals in multiple fields such as data center infrastructure, ICT technology, and Colo services.

Won the “Best Data Center Facility Supplier of the Year” for five consecutive years

From ChatGPT to Sora, AI large models are rapidly iterating, and massive computing power needs are emerging. Intelligent computing centers and supercomputing centers are experiencing an unprecedented construction boom. Focusing on the four core values ​​of rapid construction, flexible cooling, green energy supply, and extreme security, Huawei has created an end-to-end data center full-scenario solution that integrates products, services, and ecology, helping customers and partners build a solid foundation for the era of intelligent computing, so that every watt can support more green computing power and keep the digital world running firmly.

Through continuous R&D investment, Huawei’s full range of data center energy product solutions and end-to-end technology innovation capabilities have been unanimously recognized by customers, partners, and professional judges, and won the “Best Data Center Facility Supplier of the Year Award” for five consecutive years.

At present, Huawei’s data center energy solution has served customers in more than 170 countries and regions around the world, covering multiple industries such as Colo, operators, government, education, and transportation. It has delivered more than 1,000 large-scale data center projects and supported more than 14GW of racks.

One box, one road, the first choice for flexible power supply for large data centers in the era of intelligent computing

Under the AI ​​boom, the scale of data centers is evolving from MW-level parks to GW-level parks, and the power density of cabinets has also increased from 6-8KW/cabinet to 12-15KW/cabinet. Some supercomputing centers even exceed 30KW per cabinet. At the same time, the rapid outbreak of AI business requires data centers to have the ability to deliver quickly and expand elastically to support the needs of future business evolution. As the power “heart” of the data center, the power supply and distribution system urgently needs to innovate in the direction of modularization and prefabrication to adapt to the new requirements of high density and high computing power.

Huawei’s outdoor power module adopts a fully prefabricated modular design, highly integrated with UPS, lithium batteries, air conditioners, power distribution and other components, truly creating a prefabricated power supply and distribution solution for integrated cooling and electricity, and is the first choice for flexible power supply for large data centers in the era of intelligent computing.


During the DCS AWARDS selection period, Huawei’s outdoor power module stood out from many innovative technologies with its four major features: fast delivery, elastic expansion, safety and reliability, and efficient operation and maintenance. It won the “Annual Best Data Center Power Supply and Distribution Innovation Award”, fully demonstrating the industry’s high recognition of Huawei’s data center energy innovation capabilities in the field of power supply and distribution.

Fast delivery: Through engineering productization and product modularization, one-stop fast delivery is achieved. Compared with traditional machine assembly solutions, the delivery cycle is shortened by more than 35%, meeting the needs of rapid business launch.

Elastic expansion: Through full architecture decoupling, integration of ultra-high-density UPS and high-safety lithium battery, cabinet and space saving, one box, one line, outdoor deployment, power supply does not occupy the area of ​​the computer room, and supports phased construction and on-demand expansion.

Safe and reliable: Adopting high-reliability and high-protection cabinets, core components are pre-integrated and pre-debugging in the factory, and only simple installation and debugging are required on site. The quality is safe and reliable, and what you see is what you get.

Efficient operation and maintenance: Relying on the intelligent characteristics of iPower, the entire link is visible, manageable and controllable, with functions such as copper busbar node temperature prediction, switch automatic classification setting and switch health assessment, changing passive maintenance to active predictive maintenance.

Time will not let down those who work hard. Huawei Data Center Energy has won multiple authoritative awards in DCS AWARDS for five consecutive years. It is not only a reflection of Huawei’s firm investment in R&D and pursuit of excellence in quality, but also a strong driving force for continuous innovation in the future to provide customers and partners with leading product solutions and better services.

Post time: May-31-2024