Green site, smart future, the 8th Global ICT Energy Efficiency Summit was successfully held

[Thailand, Bangkok, May 9, 2024] The 8th Global ICT Energy Efficiency Summit with the theme of “Green Sites, Smart Future” was successfully held. International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Global System Association for Mobile Communications (GSMA), AIS, Zain, China Mobile, Smart Axiata, Malaysian Universal Service Provision (USP), XL Axiata, Huawei Digital Energy and other communication industry standard organizations, industry associations, leading Operators and solution providers delivered keynote speeches at the event to discuss the path to green network transformation and tap the value potential of ICT energy infrastructure.


From energy consumers to energy prosumers, operators win in the carbon neutral era

At the beginning of the summit, Huawei Digital Energy Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Liang Zhou introduced that Huawei Digital Energy integrates digital technology and power electronics technology to provide customers with clean power generation, green ICT energy infrastructure, transportation electrification, comprehensive smart energy and other fields. Provide digital energy products and solutions.

Facing the ICT energy field, he said that although currently operators are under pressure to reduce emissions and increase energy expenditures, they can make full use of their energy infrastructure advantages, including physical site and power resources, etc., by introducing new energy innovative technologies and solutions, expand business boundaries, and move from energy consumers to energy prosumers.

Green electricity production at sites: There are approximately 7.5 million physical communication sites around the world. As the cost of photovoltaic electricity continues to be optimized, distributed photovoltaic systems are deployed at sites with good lighting conditions, which can complete a good commercial closed loop and not only save electricity bills for self-use, but also And have the opportunity to obtain green electricity income.

Site energy storage participates in power market auxiliary services: As the scale of global clean energy increases, the demand for peak shaving, frequency modulation and other power market auxiliary services is increasing. Among them, as the core infrastructure that responds to ancillary services in the power market, the value and importance of energy storage resources has become increasingly prominent. In order to ensure communication services, operators have deployed large-scale energy storage resources and upgraded them with intelligent technology. On the basis of single power backup, they can add peak power consumption, virtual power plant (VPP) adjustment, and more functions to achieve value diversification.

Huawei releases full-scenario intelligent communication power supply solution

Power supply is an important component in the site energy solution and the core hub of site power flow, just like the heart of the human body. The difference in power supply will directly affect the efficiency of site power consumption. At this event, Huawei’s digital energy site energy field released “Huawei’s full-scenario intelligent communication power supply solution”, committed to creating an excellent power supply that meets operators’ “one deployment, ten years of evolution”.

Minimalist: Traditional power supply expansion requires stacking multiple sets of equipment. Huawei’s smart power supply adopts a fully modular “Lego-style” design, which can be configured on demand and flexibly expanded. One set can replace multiple sets. It is extremely high-density and is only 50% of the volume of traditional power supplies. Easy to deploy; supports multi-energy input and multi-standard output, has strong compatibility and high versatility, and the site can realize ICT integrated power supply and develop diversified services.

Intelligence: Using intelligent circuit breakers, users can freely define circuit breakers capacity, circuit breakers labels, circuit breakers usage, circuit breakers grouping through software; supports power authorization, smart metering, backup power slicing, remote battery testing and other functions; and is compatible with traditional power supplies In comparison, it is more suitable for individual needs and greatly improves the flexibility, accuracy and efficiency of site power management.

Green: The efficiency of the rectifier module is as high as 98%; the system supports three hybrid power consumption solutions: electric hybrid, oil hybrid, and optical hybrid, which saves power and eliminates oil while improving the green power ratio and reliability of the site; supports load-level carbon emissions Analysis and management help the network accelerate carbon reduction.

“Green Site, Smart Future”, the Global ICT Energy Efficiency Summit, is committed to promoting the communications industry to continue to advance on the road of green development. With the help of this international communication platform, operator customers will be able to better grasp the opportunities of green transformation and achieve a win-win situation of economic benefits and environmental responsibility. Huawei Site Energy is deeply involved in green ICT energy technologies and solutions, helping operators build green and low-carbon networks, achieve energy transformation, and jointly promote the industry towards a more sustainable and low-carbon future.

Post time: May-14-2024