DC-DC 1/16 brick 100W power supply module

EAS20S05G-4 The module adopts potting process system with high reliability and high power density features, which can realize 16Vdc~40Vdc voltage input, 4.5Vdc~5.5Vdc adjustable voltage output function with maximum efficiency of 90%.
4.5Vdc ~ 5.5Vdc adjustable voltage output function, the highest efficiency of 90%, using the industry’s leading topology technology and process level, to achieve high performance, high power density, high reliability and other characteristics of the product.


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16Vdc ~ 40Vdc input voltage range
10.8Vdc ~ 13.2Vdc output voltage range (Trim pin voltage adjustment supported)
100W rated power, maximum efficiency ≥ 90%, temperature adaptation range: -40°C ~ 100°C (substrate)
Package size: 1/16 brick (37.3 mm*27.3 mm*12.7 mm)
Parallel machine: maximum support 8 parallel machines (need to cooperate withoring circuit)
Weight ≤ 50g
Heat dissipation method: Case cooling, air cooling
Static power consumption ≤5W@Vin 28V, 25℃,Iout=0A
MTBF ≥1000000h
Dielectric strength 1500Vdc, 1min
Switching frequency 350KHZ
Rated input voltage 28Vdc
Input voltage range 16Vdc~40Vdc, transient voltage 50V/100ms
Input current < 8.5A @Vin16V,100W, 25℃
Input ripple current 10%
Rated output voltage 5Vdc
Output voltage range 4.5Vdc~5.5Vdc
Output power 100W (constant power up, constant current down)
Ripple and noise ≤50mV @25℃
Safety regulation: UL62368-1, IEC62368-1, EN62368-1

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