High-density AC-DC power supply module

ACG18S28SH is a high-density AC-DC module power supply, supporting 220Vac AC input 28Vdc isolated output, with parallel output function. The power supply module adopts synchronous rectification technology, digital control and vacuum potting process and other technologies, with small size, high reliability and strong anti-vibration capability.


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90Vac-264Vac input voltage range
22.4Vdc to 30.8Vdc Output voltage range (Trim pin voltage adjustment supported)
500W rated power, maximum efficiency ≥ 92%
Support multiple parallel functions (number ≤ 8)
Temperature adaptation range: -55℃~+100℃ (substrate)
Package size: 63.0mmx61.0mmx 12.7mm
Input characteristics:
Rated input voltage 220Vac
Operating voltage range 90V-264V VAC
Input current ≤4.5A
Input current ripple ≤10% @110/220VAC (full load)
Output characteristics:
Rated output voltage 28Vdc
Output voltage range 22.4Vdc~30.8Vdc
Output power 500W/28Vdc @TC=70℃, Vin≥198V
Uniform current imbalance 5% (50%~100%)
Ripple and noise Ripple: ≤20 mV ( 20MHz, 100nf@10uf ); Noise: 45dB
Safety Regulation/EMC
Safety regulation GB4943, UL62368-1, IEC62368-1, EN62368-1

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