HUAWEI Power module PSiP DC-DC 6.3V~14V

HUAWEI NAE12S03-B is a package level (PSiP) DC-DC power supply module.
The NAE12S03-B is a package level (PSiP) DC-DC power supply module with an input voltage range of 6.3V~14V, a maximum output current of The maximum output current is 3A, and the adjustable output voltage range is 0.8V~5.2V.


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Key Features
Efficiency: 92% (50% load, Vin=12V; Vout=5.2V, TA=25℃)
● Dimension (L×W×H): 3.0mm×2.8mm×
1.6mm (0.118in. × 0.110in. × 0.063in.)
● Weight: 0.05g
● Input undervoltage protection, output overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection
● RoHS 2.0 compliant
● Enable switching (EN)
● Output voltage regulation (FB)

General PSiP Power Supplies:
● PSiP package-level power supply modules used to power management chips, storage, fans, and other on-board devices on server single boards, generally in the 0~200W range.
●12V ~0.6~5.5V

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