6.8inch LCD display with CTP touchscreen customization

6.8inch Capacitive Touch Screen with 480*1280 dots with CTP function
TN/NW Display mode
420cd/m2 luminance
Active Area 60.22*160.59mm
18pcs LED
Interface 4 LANE MIPI
LCM/LED Power supply 3.3V/9V
Color Depth 16.7M


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Proudly launch our latest product – 6.8-inch capacitive touch screen with CTP function! Our brand new touchscreen is designed to enhance your viewing experience with its impressive display and best-in-class technology.
With 480*1280 dot resolution HD display and TN/NW display mode, you can enjoy clear and high-quality images and videos. Plus, the touchscreen has a brightness of 420cd/m2, meaning you can enjoy your media even in brightly lit environments. The effective area of ​​the screen is 60.22*160.59mm, providing you with plenty of space to watch content comfortably.
One of the outstanding features of our touch screens is the 18 LED lighting. LED lighting brightens the screen, making it easier to view in dimly lit environments. In addition, the screen interface has 4 LANE MIPI to ensure fast and seamless connection, bringing a lag-free experience.
Our touch screens are powered by a powerful 3.3V/9V LCM/LED power supply, ensuring stable and reliable performance. What’s more, our touchscreen has a 16.7 million color depth – meaning the screen is capable of displaying a wide range of colors, ensuring every picture and video is shown in vivid detail.

The 6.8-inch capacitive touch screen with CTP is the perfect addition to your device. Its advanced technology, coupled with its superior display quality, is a great investment for anyone looking to take their viewing experience to the next level.

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