7inch TFT LCD module

7.0inch 800*480 dots Resolution
TN/NW Display mode
450cd/m2 LuminanceActive Area 154.08*85.92mm
27pcs LED
Interface RGB888/50PIN
LCM/LED Power Supply 3.3V/9.0V
Color Depth 16.7M
LCM Driver IC HX8664&HX8264


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Introducing our newest product, a 7.0-inch display with a resolution of 800*480 dots. The monitor is available in TN/NW display mode to provide the best viewing angle and clarity for all applications. With a brightness of 450cd/m2, the display looks bright and clear in any lighting condition.
The effective area of ​​the display is 154.08*85.92mm, with a larger viewing area and more display content. The display is equipped with 27 LED lights to ensure uniform brightness throughout the screen.
The monitor is compatible with most interfaces and has RGB888/50PIN interface for easy connection and setting. The LCM/LED power supply is 3.3V/9.0V, providing efficient power consumption and minimizing energy waste.
With a color depth of 16.7M, the display produces vivid and lifelike colors for an immersive visual experience. The LCM driver IC is HX8664&HX8264, providing stable and reliable performance for all applications.
The display is ideal for a range of applications from industrial machinery to portable consumer electronics. Its compact size and high resolution make it ideal for use in small devices, while its brightness and color depth ensure stunning visual displays.
All in all, the 7.0-inch display is a versatile and powerful tool for any application. Its outstanding performance, compatibility and range of features make it the ideal choice for any designer or engineer looking to create great products. Choose the 7.0″ display for all your display needs and experience the best quality and performance.

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