3.5inch LCD display module Touch screen

3.5inch LCD 320*480 dots Resolution
IPS/NB Display mode
360cd/m2 Luminance
Active Area 48.96*73.44mm
6pcs LED
Interface RGB/MCU/SPI 50PIN
LCM/LED Power Supply 2.8V/3.0V
Color Depth 262K
LCM Driver IC ILI9488


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Introducing our newest product – 3.5 inch LCD screen with resolution up to 320*480 dots! The display screen provides IPS/NB display mode with a brightness of 360cd/m2, ensuring a clear and bright display effect even in bright sunlight.

The effective area of ​​the display is 48.96*73.44mm, which is a perfect choice for various applications. To enhance the display quality, we have employed 6 LEDs to provide vivid and true-to-life colors that are optimized for viewing pleasure.

Connect to your device easily and worry-free through the interface consisting of RGB/MCU/SPI 50PIN. The LCM/LED power supply voltage is 2.8V/3.0V, which ensures a stable power supply for display work. Plus, a 262K color depth enhances display quality, bringing out the finest details in every image.

We have integrated an LCM driver IC (ILI9488) to ensure smooth display operation for enhanced user experience. This display module is ideal for use in smartphones, tablets, communication devices, portable game consoles, and more!

Our 3.5-inch LCD display modules are durable enough to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring uninterrupted display operation even under extreme weather conditions. The combination of durability, high-quality display, and efficient operation make display modules an excellent choice for many applications.

Immerse yourself in a world of vivid colors and the finest details with our 3.5″ LCD display modules. Buy it now and experience the next level of display technology!

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