Rj45 Wall Mounted Android Touchscreen Wired And Wireless Compatible with 7inch display

This is a 7inch IPS resolution 1280*800 landscape and portrait mode compatible, with wall mounting bracket design for both mode. Its a PoE socket design behind the product, also available for DC and USB socket. There are 4GB RAM and 16GB flash built in the board, allowing to extend memory card if user need it. It’s good for runs the player portfolio applications on Google store or other third-party application controlling your home audio.


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Introducing a 7-inch IPS resolution 1280*800 landscape and portrait mode compatible device designed to revolutionize your multimedia experience. The product has a sleek and modern look, making it ideal for both personal and professional use.One of the most notable features of the device is its versatile wall mount design, which allows you to switch seamlessly between landscape and portrait modes. Whether you prefer to watch videos or browse photos, this product ensures the best viewing angle in any direction.
Another notable aspect of the device is its Power over Ethernet (PoE) socket design. This means you can conveniently power your devices over an Ethernet cable, minimizing cable clutter and saving valuable space. Additionally, DC and USB sockets are provided for greater flexibility and convenience in power selection.
The device is equipped with 4GB RAM and 16GB flash memory built into the motherboard, providing ample storage space to store your favorite multimedia files. If you find yourself needing extra storage space, don’t worry! The product also supports memory card expansion, allowing you to freely increase storage capacity as needed.
Not only is the device powerful in terms of storage and power options, but it also offers a wide range of applications. You can easily control your home audio and create your own personalized multimedia experience by running the Player Combo app from the Google Store or other third-party apps. Whether you want to stream music, watch movies or play your favorite games, this device has you covered.
All in all, our 7 inch IPS resolution 1280*800 landscape and portrait mode compatible device is the perfect combination of style, function and versatility. With its wall-mount design, multiple power options, expandable storage, and wide range of applications, it’s the ultimate multimedia companion for your home or office.
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