Huawei ETP23006-C1A1

Huawei Power Inverter Module AC & DC 220V 6kVA Hot-swappable

Huawei Power Inverter–ETP23006-C1A1


Huawei ETP23006-C1A1 is a new AC & DC embedded power supply developed by Huawei, based on an integrated, full-scenario power platform with modular hardware design. It supports multiple energy sources, such as solar energy and utility power, and supports multi-standard DC and AC outputs.




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Product Introduce:

The inverter can convert communication DC power into 220V AC power, providing high-performance, uninterrupted AC power supply for AC equipment.



  • Reliable: AC module supports N+1 backup
  • Easy maintenance: supports hot swapping and online replacement
  • Intelligence: supports remote management


Application scenarios:

Communication sites with AC equipment


Product Specifications ETP23006-C1A1
System Dimension 43.6mm*442mm*330mm
Weight ≤15kg  
Cooling Mode Air cooling
Protection Level IP20
Output Capacity 6kVA max
AC Input Number of DC input channels Three-phase compatible with single-phase
Three-phase:147V~519V AC,single-phase:85V AC~300V AC
Dual-live wire,input voltage:85V AC~300V AC
Current 45~66Hz,rated frequency:50/60Hz
Voltage 1*100A/3P MCB,1*125A/2P MCB
Under voltage alarm point 45V
Overvoltage alarm point 58V
Undervoltage protection point Protection point: 42V, Recover45V
Overvoltage protection point Protection point: 60V, Recover58V
DC Distribution Number of AC output channels 1*63A(Breaker)
Output Voltage 220V AC±2%
Output Frequency SOHz±1%
Output SPD 30kA/30kA
Peak efficiency ≥94%
Output power factor 0.8
Overload Capacity 105% ≤ load ≤ 125% for more than 1 min
125% < load ≤ 150% for more than 5s
150% < load ≤200% for more than 1s
Output current peak coefficient 3:01
Output parallel function Support output parallel machine
Communication Port Communication Port CAN
Protection Function DC Input Over-voltage,Under-voltage
AC Input Overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overpower, short circuit protection
Temperature Over temperature protection
Insulation Resistance Insulation Resistance Not less than 2M
Audio Noise Audio Noise <60 dB
Certification & Reference Standards Certification &
Reference Standards
CE passed TUV, CE certification and obtained CB certificate
IEC/EN 62368, 60950, TLC, RoHS, Reach, WEEE
Environment Operating Temperature -40℃~+75℃(+55℃ derating)
Storage Temperature -40℃~+75℃
Operating Humidity 5%~95% (non-condensing)
Altitude 0-5000m
When the altitude ranges from 2000 m to 5000 m,
the operating temperature decreases by 1ºC for each additional 200 m

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