Fusion solar Intelligent String Energy Storage System

Four Benefits of FusionSolar’s Smart String Energy Storage Solution
Higher discharge:
One package, one optimization, one cluster, one management to enhance lifecycle charging and discharging;
Better Configuration:
Support for mixed use of old and new batteries, phased deployment to reduce initial capacity;
Minimal O&M: No periodic capacity calibration
No periodic capacity calibration, saving operation and maintenance costs;
Safe and reliable:
Modular design, high availability of energy storage equipment.


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Rated voltage on the DC side 1,200 V
Maximum DC-side voltage 1,500 V
Energy storage system battery nominal energy 2,064 kWh
Rated power of energy storage system (0.5C) 344 kW * 3
Energy storage system power rating (1C) 344 kW * 6
Energy storage system dimensions (W x H x D) 6,058 x 2,896 x 2,438 mm
Energy storage system weight ≤ 30 t
Operating temperature range -30°C ~ 55°C
Storage temperature range -40°C ~ 60°C
Operating humidity range 0 ~ 100% (no condensation)
Maximum operating altitude 4,000 m
Battery temperature control method Industrial grade air conditioning
Energy Storage System Fire Fighting System FM-200 Gas Fire Suppression System
Energy storage system communication interface Ethernet / SFP
Energy storage system communication protocol Modbus TCP
Energy storage system protection class IP55
Standards met Certification GB/T 36276-2018, GB/T 34131, UN 3536, CGC 177, etc.

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