DC-DC power supply module with industry standard one-eighth brick

The GDE33S12B-4 is a new generation isolated DC-DC power supply module with industry standard one-eighth brick construction, high efficiency and high power density, low output ripple and noise. Its input voltage range is 36V~75V, providing a rated output voltage of 12V and a maximum output current of 33A. The DC-DC power supply module features an industry standard brick structure with high efficiency and power density, low output ripple and noise.


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● Efficiency: 95.0% (TA=25℃, Vin=48V, Iout=50% load)
● Length×width×height:58.4×22.9×13.2mm(2.30in.×0.90in.×0.52in.)
● Weight: ≤60g
● Input undervoltage protection, output overcurrent protection (hiccup mode), output short-circuit protection (hiccup mode), output overvoltage protection (hiccup mode), overtemperature protection (self-recovery)
● Support remote power on/off
● Compliant with UL 62368-1 standard
● Compliant with RoHS 2.0 standard
Introducing the GDE33S12B-4, the latest innovation in isolated DC-DC power modules. Designed with an eighth brick construction, the product offers high efficiency and high power density, making it the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications. Its 36V~75V input voltage range, coupled with 12V rated output voltage and 33A maximum output current, ensures optimum performance.
At the heart of the GDE33S12B-4 is its industry standard brick construction, which enables it to provide consistent and reliable power to your operation while maintaining low output ripple and noise. This capability is critical for applications requiring high precision, such as in medical, aerospace and scientific fields.
One of the key advantages of the GDE33S12B-4 is its compact size, allowing it to fit seamlessly into any enclosure or system layout. The module’s small size also means it requires minimal board space, making it an ideal solution for space-constrained applications.
The GDE33S12B-4 was built with a focus on efficiency, with every aspect of its design optimized to minimize power waste. Not only does this reduce operating costs, it also helps to reduce heat output and extend the life of the equipment.
Due to its high power density, the GDE33S12B-4 is able to handle various loads, from small simple circuits to complex industrial machinery. Whether you’re powering sensitive equipment or running an entire facility, this DC-DC power module has everything you need to ensure reliable, consistent and efficient power delivery.
Overall, the GDE33S12B-4 is a versatile, high-performance and cost-effective solution. It provides excellent power density, efficiency and reliability while maintaining low output ripple and noise. Whether you are an engineer, designer or project manager, this product is perfect for your next project.

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