A manufactured 4.3inch single glass panel to the highest industry application

4.3inch Single Glass Panel


-1.1mm glass cover, chemical tempering;

-Plating mirror effect (nickel plating)

-IR ink, infrared light can be penetrated (full screen)


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Introducing a revolutionary 4.3-inch single-glass panel touchscreen designed to deliver unparalleled clarity and functionality to any electronic device. The panel measures 16:9 and features a chemically tempered 1.1mm glass cover for excellent impact resistance and durability.

The plated mirror effect of the panel is achieved by nickel plating, which enhances the viewing experience and adds a sleek and modern touch to your device. This stunning feature is ideal for applications in the automotive industry, where dashboards and car interiors can benefit from high-quality touchscreen displays with mirror effects.

The panel also features IR ink, which allows infrared light to penetrate the entire screen. This feature is especially useful for outdoor applications where bright sunlight can affect visibility. With a 4.3-inch single-glass panel, you can rest assured that your display will remain clearly visible even in the brightest conditions.

The panel's touchscreen functionality has been optimized for ease of use and accuracy, making it ideal for a variety of applications, including industrial control systems, medical equipment, and consumer electronics. The panel is compatible with multiple input methods, including finger touch and stylus, making it simple and intuitive to use for a variety of users.

The 4.3-inch single-glass panel touchscreen is manufactured to the highest industry standards to withstand the harshest environments. A chemically tempered glass cover protects the display from shocks and scratches, ensuring your device maintains optimal functionality even in harsh conditions.
With the latest advancements in touchscreen technology, the 4.3-inch single glass panel is the perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance the functionality and clarity of their electronic devices. Whether you're looking for a touchscreen panel for an automotive, medical device, or industrial control system, a 4.3" single glass panel is sure to provide the clarity, functionality, and durability you need.

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